Motivation and inspiration

The Dutch architects ing. Dick Weustenenk and ir. Tonnie Arink are inspired by the urban- and social structure of the South African townships. Combining innovative and exclusive lodging with social engagement is very challenging and resulted in the S-O-S-HOTEL concept.
The units are realised around a central public area. This area will be used for communication, meetings, dining (restaurants), video screens and entertainment. From the hotelrooms the visitors have a panoramic view of this spectacle.
Pushed by a famous ambassador (e.g. …………..) the S-O-S-Hotel concept will be presented in South Africa and communicated world wide by the media.

The S-O-S-Hotel concept results in a so called Win – Win situation.

Win: The S-O-S-Hotel guests enjoy staying in an exclusive and individual facility. Furthermore, the guests are contributing to a unique social project.

Win: The social engagement of the sponsors is made known world wide by the media during the developing and during and after the World Cup 2010. Especially the social aspects of the project is reminded much longer than simple advertising in the soccer arenas.

Win: Since the hotel facilities will be developed as individual dwellings donated to the local community after the World Cup 2010, the local people living in the townships take advantage of the realised S-O-S-Hotel concept.